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» » Jyothika's Take On Cosmetic Surgeries

Actress Jyothika, in one of her interviews had mentioned that many of today's upcoming actresses are not confident enough in flaunting their beauty as gifted by the Almighty.

She was referring to the spike in number of actresses going under the knife in order to get that perfect look. The 36 Vayadhinile actress even went on to say that actresses should concentrate more on their acting skills and should remain confident in portraying themselves as themselves.

But the most important point that was put forward by the talented actress would make many aspiring actresses rethink about beautification surgeries that's proving to be a menace with each passing day.

Apart from harmful side effects these surgeries can have on young girls, it could also make them rigid, according to Jyothika. She said these surgical procedures, especially the ones performed on the face could restrict an actor's facial expressions, ultimately turning them into bad performers.

The actress might have a point here because, when the facial features of a person is manipulated artificially, their natural expressions might change along with it. And for an actor, it is definitely important to bring out his or her natural expression in order to emote and act.

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