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While there have been reports that Anirudh is all set to marry the daughter of a prominent family of jewellers in the city, we hear that they are totally false. Says a source close to the composer, "A person who has worked with Anirudh has now joined the recording studio that has been started by the jewellery brand and people have come to the wrong conclusions because of that. Anirudh isn't getting married right now, and we do not even know if the said jewellery family has a daughter."

Anirudh himself laughed off the rumours with, "I usually wake up in the afternoon after working during the night, so, I'm used to waking up to such funny stories. My mom has been getting congratulatory messages. But this is totally baseless and I don't know why people create such random things almost every week." In an interview to Chennai Times around Valentine's Day, the composer had remarked that he isn't looking for a romantic relationship at the moment. "I'm not in that space right now. I'm loving doing what I'm doing, So, I haven't got that feeling of wanting to get into a relationship," he had said then.

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