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» » Trisha rejects 1 crore offer

Trisha was approached by producer Shankar who has rechristened himself as Achudhan Shankar for a heroine centric film.


The producer was even willing to pay her 1 crore for this script and the project titled Koperundevi had impressed Trisha that she had decided to give it a nod. But later when she had quizzed Shankar who is playing the lead, she is said to have backed out saying she is not interested in doing heroine-oriented subjects at the moment.

The reason being Shankar, the producer himself is playing the lead, as well as produce and direct the film.

We hear that Trisha was keeping silence for sometime and then had replied saying “Sorry, her date diary is full for the next year.”

Trisha’s mother told media that she receives a minimum of three to four phone calls per day asking for Trisha’s dates for Women-oriented subjects.

She told, “I don’t know if the person you are talking about is one of them. But as of now, Trisha is not keen on accepting heroine-centric roles, leave alone other factors.”

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