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» » Chennai Rains: Siddharth Lends a Helping Hand

Heavy rains still continue to lash Chennai disrupting normal lives. And, the floods seem to be getting worse. All operations at the Chennai Airport have been put on hold and army has already been called in. Actor Siddharth, who has always raised his voice for society-related issues, has once againproved that he is a good samaritan.

The Jil Jung Juk actor on his microblogging page announced that he has arranged five car convoys patrolling across Chennai to help in picking and dropping people, who are stuck in different parts of the city. Minutes after he posted the tweet, likes and retweets sworn in. Inspired by his act, many other celebs joined his team to help a lending hand. Actor Siddharth and RJ Balaji from Big FM 92.7 have gotten together a team of volunteers to assist the people stranded in Chennai. In a rare instance of a celebrity going out on ground zero, Siddharth and Balaji have done some exceptional work by co-ordinating relief activities in the city by tweeting out advice, listing down supplies needed and guiding volunteers. They have introduced the hashtag #ChennaiMicro for the conveneiicne of picking up of parcels and giving out other information.

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